Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day Jaipur Street photography
Happy Independence Day – I don’t remember I had shared this Picture before or not but this is one of my favorite picture which I had clicked in August of 2011 Jaipur.

We are so happy with this independence, aren’t we? We can eat whatever we want, we can travel wherever we want, we can talk to anyone we want, right? But isn’t that amazing that someone have to sell country’s flags on our so called ‘Independence Day’. We should be proud of it, at the age of learning these children are supposed to sell for a living. Aren’t they financially independent? Earning for themselves, at least not begging.

But after more than half a century, we call it independence, with no shame in our eyes, with no stutter, with no hesitation, we call it independence. Even though I’m sure all of us are aware of that one traffic signal near your house or office, covered by these helpless children, having no choice but to sell these flags, but why? Because we respect this flag only when its either the Independence Day or the Republic day.  And strangely these are the days when we notice child labor?

Why are we seasonally blind? The blindfold we tie around our heads can only be removed by us.

If we call ourselves Independent and Republicans too, then this blindfold must be removed and the change shall come. Only if we understand how much it means to everyone; absolute freedom can only be achieved if every individual is considered.


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