Accept Everything As It Is.

Yong Boy Portrait At Amber Fort Jaipur Street Photography

Sit back and relax with a cup of tea and think. Think about the little kid you were when you were 6, away from all the chaos of life and death. Go back and see through the window of past and ask the kid about how life was back then, will he be proud of you now? Everyday we butcher our best driving forces. That is the reason we get a sorrow when we read those lines composed by the hand of an ace and remember them as our own, as the delicate shoots we smothered on the grounds that we come up short on the confidence to put stock in our own powers, our own model of truth furthermore, excellence.

Every man, when he gets calm, when he turns out to be urgently fair with himself, is prepared to do expressing significant certainties. We as a whole get from a similar source. There is no puzzle about the source of things. We are all piece of creation, all rulers, all writers, all artists; we have as it were to open up to find what is as of now there. 

Just sit back and cherish the person you've become, make 6 year old you proud of you. Tell him how tough life is so far and how much you've grown all these years of your life and you will know then what a wonderful life it is and you will accept everything as it is.

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