Life Through Your Rear View Mirror.

Life Through Your Rear View Mirror.

Like you're driving on an empty lane and you look back at your life through your rear view mirror. It shows where you belong.

The basic necessities, the basic life, aren’t basic for everyone. Sometimes the lack of basic necessities terminates the possibility of a happy childhood. At the age of wearing friendship bands, wearing bangles is nothing more than a burden. It signifies the decaying nature of our societal gap. The gap that blinds the richest and awakens the poorest to it's sleepless nights.

Are we even civilized? Or just a result of an uncontrolled population explosion. A civilization moving only forward isn't civilization, it's a race. A race where the end declares the winner. But what is the end of it? You'll find it at the end. We don't miss a single chance to complain about our discomforts. But the rear view mirror of your life will show you what you are, as a person. Maybe today you're a child, maybe you're a well settled man, or an independent lady, or maybe a mother, you can be anything today, But after all these years, you're going to become one, just a speck of dust, wandering from corners to corners, rivers to rivers and ocean to ocean.

What are we made of? Some cells and conscious? We are just hollow biological creatures, meant to get dissolved in the lands, where we once struggled to survive or cherished our happiness.

After all, the rear view mirror will show you the ground reality from where we all started, and where we all are going to end up, this mother Earth.

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