In Hope for a Better Option.

In Hope for a Better Option.
We make choices every second, every minute, to live the life We want, to live as We want, maybe to stay safe or maybe to stay in our comfort. These choices decide our future, maybe we go to drink water in the kitchen or maybe an email sent to a misspelled address, anything can change our entire life. But do we even choose these choices? Are they as clear as they look? Are we choosing the choices or these choices are choosing us? Are we even in control? That we're not simply making the best of what comes at us, and that is it.

Attempting to continually pick between two alternatives. We’re so driven by these external forces that we can’t stay in control. The water we drink, the place we live in, the food we eat, the vehicles we use, are they even in our control? This is the illusion of choice, like walking through a thunderstorm, unable to see, but we know the way home, so we make steady and stable steps and cover our eyes to look beyond the layer of this rain.

The illusion of choice cannot ever be pushed away, we can only wipe our eyes and hope for a better option.

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