Shot Taken of Arvind Jodha at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

We love the slow death, instead we run away from the pain of sudden death. Let's look at our lifestyles, let’s take a dive into our paranoia and ask ourselves what are we really made of, fear and laziness.

Two things that stops us from being who we are, fear and laziness. We often are afraid of sudden changes, sudden loss, but for our luxury we often choose to stay in our cocoon. We only see what's in front of us, we don't see what's above us. We can't even count how many paths we could've had; butterfly effect of our deed is echoed around the cosmos.

But what seeds this tolerance? Our comfort, it brings us down on our knees, we are seeking comfort every day and everywhere we go. The water we drink, the food we eat, or homes, or Our work places, everything is based on our comfort. Our comfort seeds this tolerance, we can easily ignore the slow death, can’t we? We are advanced species now, aren’t we? We have reached moon. We have reached Mars. But still aren’t we just smart monkeys looking for food, shelter and sex in a comfortable and easy way. We’re emotionally needy and we seek peace, we don’t want anyone to stop what we want, & in this contemporary world, protests are just another event everyone would like to join.

We as a species are very moody, animals would be so confused about how we live. Our sentiments, our desire our habits are destroying the planet. These desire that we carry is not only harmful for us but also our surrounding. The emotional dependency that grows inside us is harmful for us. This dependency is used by our kinds to make money later. It is us against us.

But how do we stop it? How do we become the Übermensch (goal for humanity to set for itself)?

Divert your desires, negotiate with yourself, don’t settle for what’s in front of us.

Go for the things above us. Things that carries better values. Our motive is to achieve the satisfaction but on a negotiated value, that won’t hurt anyone, not even you. Uncontrolled habits of any kind are considered not beneficial on a long term.

The slow death follows us when we choose to ignore the facts, the reality, the unknown. But what can possibly save a human majority planet? Humans?

Well, they’re the ones destroying it, in one way or the other.

The conclusion arrives at us, quite late. Nothing is reversible, the idea of reversible is misunderstood by our kinds. Nothing can be reversed with no trace of change. We should understand that the degrade we cause over our desires; we should understand the misery when the reality shows up. We should understand the hollowness of our desires. We should understand the importance of things, events and us. We should understand difference between our wants and our needs.

We should understand our desires and us. 

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