Flashes are keeping us alive; memories are keeping us together and the day when everyone looks back, it will give us another memory

Where the tress made a whizzing noise; when the air helped you regain consciousness. Where the clouds were nowhere to be found; when the sun was soothing as a merry go round.

I took a leaf from the ground; a phrase written on it; so profound.

“Vivir ye dejar vivir” Live and let live.

But who could be it? No one was near this tree.

She smiled at me and gave this look, So unpredictable like a closed book.

Just then I realize; it’s all in the eyes. Her eyes said it’s not the memories that make us remember. There is a question in us that makes us remember. The question is, if we are still the same?

Who said we are supposed to?

I swear I never thought so, so I keep getting reflections of my past in my memories. Of music, of art, of that tree and that spell binding view of you.

Remember that time we discovered Pink Floyd, Relax she said; memories are not meant to be remembered, They are meant to be enjoyed.

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