What is this feeling that keeps us stuck at the same place, why do we prefer holding on than letting go, Is it greed, is it attachment or Is it grudge?

I think it is hope.

But hope is a disease which is fatal for your own self respect if kept for too long. Being optimistic is a sign of progress but being optimistic in every situation is a toxic trait. 

Sometimes life gives you a choice, sometimes you choose blindly. I should keep working here; maybe they will give me a promotion next month. I should say sorry and stick with her; maybe she is the future and ‘I should’, ‘I should’ is what hinders us from thinking. Sometimes the thing that we want and the thing which is good for us, is not the same. But no one dare to think that we might want something which is not good for us. I say, kill the hope commoner and let the ‘you’ and only ‘you’ be reborn.

Where do we draw the line, whether to hold on to it or just let it go, I might be having a lot of thoughts being a hinge, maybe I should just let it go.

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