Vulnerabilities, a Sentiment of Incomprehension and Uncertainty.

Vulnerabilities, a Sentiment of Incomprehension and Uncertainty.

Vulnerabilities, a sentiment of incomprehension and uncertainty. You long for affirmation, you need to be seen, be heard, and possibly be comprehended. In the past I felt unreliable. The vulnerabilities were brought about by a forlorn inclination, a bit of misconception. For a while I have given a valiant effort to meet others' desires, to get affirmation, acknowledgment. I thought it was significant how others saw me, what they thought of me. I was your comfort, your assistance and your interruption. I was there for you, however where were you for me? I needed to enable you, to see you, hear you out. Was it my misstep to anticipate the equivalent from you? In my vulnerabilities, I pondered, what would I be able to do, to be seen, to comprehend for once?

What's more, it stayed quiet. I felt objectified, I felt sub-par and insignificant. My frailties blurred when I understood that I have consistently remained myself. I was there for you, I had regard and comprehension. I let myself be utilized. What's more, you gave me how I would prefer not to be. I discovered my quality where I lost it. The vulnerabilities are a thing of the past. I have discovered enough regard in myself, pride and comprehension. I am here for you, generally. In any case, I no longer uncertainty myself, in light of your weaknesses.

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